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"We are devoted to developing the human potential from these young people. "

Reaching Full Potential

I’ve never been more excited for the summer. The World Cup is right around the corner and the “Meghan Klingenberg Soccer Camp” is following close on its heels. While I prepare for the biggest stage in “football” with my team, it is sometimes hard to look beyond and realize I have much more going on. My focus is on making the roster and helping my team win a World Cup, but there are always teaching moments that I take from different parts of our preparation.

It is almost impossible for me to turn my attention away from the MKSC. I draw bits of information about technique from our coaches that I think could be taught to the campers. Learning about relaxation methods that would help our team settle nerves before big games would tie in perfectly with some of our sport psychology lessons. Discovering the best way to prepare my body to make it through seven, 90 minute games within a month makes me think how important it will be for campers to hydrate, rest and talk about recovery strategies so they can be at their peak in their most important moments.

These are the lessons that are invaluable to youth players in their development as successful soccer players and people. At the MKSC, we aim to provide an environment in which the campers can grow and thrive while having fun. We delve into areas that these campers have never trained before like leadership, time management, nutrition and more.

This is how we are different from other soccer camps around the area.

I hope to see you this year!

Meghan Klingenberg

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