"We are devoted to developing the human potential from these young people. "


Last year was an exciting year for me. Many special moments happened that irrevocably changed my life; my team won an Olympic Gold medal, I moved abroad to play the game I love and I got labrum surgery on my shoulder at the end of last season. In addition, the inaugural “Meghan Klingenberg Soccer Camp” was a success. I’m incredibly proud of my 2012, but especially of the MK Soccer Camp because it allowed me to give back to my hometown community.

When I decided that I wanted to run a soccer camp last year, I knew that it had to be something special. My position on the USWNT puts me in a unique position to create an elite camp that I wish I could have attended as a youth player. Playing at a professional level has shown me what quality coaching looks like. With this in mind, I began brainstorming exactly what I wanted my camp to look and feel like.

What I came up with is an environment in which the girls can grow and thrive as soccer players and as persons. We decided that we wouldn’t be constrained by the expectations for a typical youth soccer camp. By focusing on the six athletic platforms (the physical, technical, tactical, emotional, social and psychological platforms) we are able to delve into areas that these girls have never trained before. Typically, young people are only coached on first three platforms, the physical, technical and tactical part of the game, but what about leadership, nutrition, time management and mental toughness? Only the most elite athletes in the world have been able to hone all six.

That is how we are different from other soccer camps around the area. We focus on life skills as well as soccer skills because our goal is to prepare the girls for whatever path they choose to pursue. If we provide these girls with the tools to excel and cope with their lives, then they will be successful and happy people.

I hope to see you this year!

Meghan Klingenberg

MK Soccer Camp 2012

Studio 90: Klingenberg

The Way of the Fist and Feet

You might have thought that Rachel “The Buehldozer” Buehler was the USA’s most lethal weapon. As it turns out, it could be Meghan Klingenberg. Small in stature, but big in heart and fury, the third-degree black belt in tae kwon do showed off her skills for Studio 90.